What would cause a 1971 mercury outboard motor to stall out when put in gear or slow idol?

by Shane Blakely
(Huron, Ohio, USA)

Motor model number (3036537) 1971 135 HP Mercury 1500 outboard motor (Also reference that this particular motor is also referred to as Tower Power Inline 6) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y03GeiCw6_E) The problem I’m facing is that when idol it tends to stall out but will start right back up most of the time. Sometimes throwing it in drive it stalls as well. I just replaced a fuel assembly which had a crack all the way through the threads were the brass fitting screws in which took care of my gas leak. If possible I would like to find a place that might Carrie parts for this model motor because hunting down that fuel assembly was a pain. Any info on this motor will be helpful thanks for your time and for any help or advice given.

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