weephole stops at 4000 rpm

by peter kay
(Cape Coral, Florida)

my first time here so go easy on me

anyway 2 trs ago i replaced the water pump impeller the motor had been sitting for id say 3 yrs. its a 1985 evinrude 50 hp no vro system.
after i replaced the items which was pretty easy
i assembled and ran the motor it ran and weeped fine
the next year i noticed the weep ran less volumn at higher rpms than the yr before. this now being my 3 yr with the boat i launhed it today and rode along to find my dock at my new home in Florida so i was crusing slowly as no wake area at all was fine.

as i got to an area where i could accelerate a bit i did...
brought it up to about 4k and sfter a few moments the alarm went on. I looked and no weeping so i turned the motor off waited about 5 minutes restarted the motor and the weeping was ok again i raced the engine idle and it stopped again but seemed to be ok at lower rpms so i pretty much idled it to my dock. i do have a manual on this motor but being i just moved into this house of course it cannot be found at the moment

thx in advance for any help

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