Volvo TAMD63 L 2001 or 2002

by Joe Fatta
(Seattle, WA)

Hi. My boat has twin Volvo diesels as indicated. It soots and deposits accumulate on the stern esp in a following wind. I have re-proped removing an inch of advance to get manufacturers WOT RPM, injectors pulled and checked, replaced all twelve (six were bad so did them all). These changes made substantial improvement but issue remains.

On start up exhaust color is blueish more from port than starboard. When up to temp under load blueish exhaust has all but gone but soot accumulation occurs. Not much if any visible black exhaust. My boat is a Navigator classic 44. I use Stanadyne additive religiously along with bio-cides and water absorber. Turbos and intercoolers rebuilt and cleaned. A walk around inspection of boats made by Navigator in a marina I was in showed all but 1 to have soot. I believe Navigator used Volvo exclusively. Could it be that Volvo's soot as a consequence of design? Engines have about 1500 hrs each and burn minor amt of oil.

What am I missing re maintenance or something else. Oil and all filters changed every 100 hrs. per manufacturers rec. Thank you for your thoughts. Joe

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