Volvo Penta 5.0 GXI 260hp 2003 moddel

by Rick
(Midlothian Texas)

2003 Regal 2000 bowrider with 5.0 GXI Volvo Penta. 3 yrs ago, the engine wouldn't start. the mechanic said it was the fuel pump assembly, he removed it cleaned it and put it back on. the boat ran fine for 1 outing. He said it might and so I bought the new assembly and installed it myself. Boat ran great till last summer. Running fine pulling tubers and all of the sudden it loses power. Wont start. wait a few minutes , boat starts pulls up to speed for 5-10 minutes and loses power again. This happened repeatedly, so we quit and I parked the boat till today. I put seafoam in it for the winter, kept it warm during freezing nights. Decided to check it out today. Started fine, idled around waiting for son parking trailer, died once while idling, but started right back up. Ran flawlessly up and down the lake for 30 minutes doing full speed, half speed, starts and stops etc. Then it ran rough at idle, died and wouldn't start. Took it out of gear and gave it 1/4 throttle and it started, let it run a bit, returned to idle and put it in gear. Again it ran flawless for a while and then at no wake speed did it again. Got it running and ran it around some before docking and loading out to trailer.

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