Voltage Fluctuation

by Dave
(Peterborough, Ontario)

I own 1998 Smokercraft boat with 30hp Mercury ELPTO engine. Recently I have been experiencing an intermittent electrical problem. On occassion I notice my voltmeter on the dash starting to vibrate, then the movement becomes more intense. At times it bounces back and forth on the dial. Lights on the dash start to change intensity as the voltmeter fluctuates. In addition, the tach also starts to fluctuate. Only happens at high speed (around 4900 rpm) and doesn't happen all the time. During an occurance when I drop the speed down everything will stabilize. I have checked visible wiring for possible damage, shorts, etc. Had it into my local dealer and he couldn't find the problem as it didn't occur while he had the boat. Need to get the problem fixed before I damage the engine. I have been told that it may be a bad ground somewhere, or possibly the voltage regulator. Any suggestions.

Peterborough, Ontario

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