trim does not come up all the way

by Don Fraser
(Ste Anne,MB)

I am looking at purchasing a 91 chaparral 1900SL. the trim goes down fine but stops coming up at about the half way point. I checked the fluid and it clean and full, the dealership where it was sitting managed to get it all the way up. The trim gauge reads up all the time and does not seem to be working.

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Mar 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

May be trim is set where it needs to be so it wont cavitate when raised up too high(useing up/down switch), but trailer trim switch should bring it up all the way for trailering.My Mercruiser trim cylinder's are adjusted to mesure 20 and 3/4" long when trimed up correctly. This mesurment is taken from center of hole(at rear of cylinder shaft to center hole of front of cylinder shaft.Thats the shaft's at each end of cylinder where they are connected.Getting proper extension length requires someone in boat to press and hold the up button(on up/down switch) while the other person turns the trim limit switch on the out drive slowly counter clockwise until the desired length of cylinder is reached.Loosen the two screw's on the limit switch to allow it to be turned ba hand.Have ignition switch on...

Dec 18, 2011
by: Harritwo

Check and see if you have 2 trim switches on your boat. There should be a trim switch on the shift handle that lets you trim while operating but it will only raise the motor about 10 degrees. Then you should also have another switch, it may say trailer mode or something similiar. This is the switch that you push to raise the motor all the way up when you are putting it on the trailer. As far as the gauge reading up all time. That sounds like a limit switch is not working.

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