Tracker by mercury 40 hp 1999

by Travis Brouillette

For a season and a half motor runs, idles, revs like it’s brand new. On a bass tracker 175 which will run 5200 rpms and 31 mph on a good day.

Recently had a primer ball on fuel line go bad and would not pump fuel and sounded like a baby rattle.

Took everything from tank to inline filter just prior to carbs off and cleaned everything with carb cleaner and air pressure.

Cleaned out fuel pump which was just rebuilt beginning of last season and Napa Gold in-line filter placed at that same time.

Took it out yesterday morning to water test and it ran just fine, like it was brand new again.

Brought kids to lake with tube and it ran maybe 20 mins just fine and then back to cutting out and won’t get over 4000 rpms so just bogs down and boils the water like a barge on the river!!!!

So frustrated!!!

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