Suzuki DF225 engine loss of power

by Steve
(New Plymouth, NZ)

I have a brand new Suzuki DF225 outboard and it is less than 12 months into service on my boat and done 28 hours total. Its had its first service and has run very well and economically.

Lat week I was heading 8 miles off the coast of New Zealand intending to fish in deep water and about half way out the engine started to loose power. It kept the same revs but the engine note was different and I watched as the speed decreased and knots came down from 18 to 8-10. I originally thought it was the surge of the sea as we ploughed through the waves but it was not that. We then noticed the fuel consumption was very high so we decided to turn back and luckily got home.

When we experienced the problem I reduced revs and idled for 30 seconds and then took off again under normal power. The engine repeated this fault within 3-5 minutes and we repeated the process. We then stopped for half an hour and fished to give the engine a break but the problem persisted on continuing our journey back home.

Has anyone had similar problems?

Steve, New Plymouth, NZ

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