Suzuki DF20A

by Andrew Ritter
(Mechanicsburg PA

Was out on a lake this past sunday. Motor running great, stopped for a minute, restarted.

warning light came on. Stopped to check water intakes. clear and peeing. Engine would not rev to upper range, figured it went into safe mode.
Started again, light still flashing, like evey one or two seconds... checked oil, little low, added to full. Light still lit.

Read where it might be the 20 hour oil change indicator (probably right at around 20 hours. Saw how to reset this.

Reset it, started it in a barrel, seems to rev fine now and lights are off.

2 questions; would the 20 hour oil change light put the motor in safe mode? AND if I reset the lights, and it was something more than the 20 hour reminder, would the warning come on? I don;t want to assume everything is fine and screw up the motor...


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