Suzuki 115 hp 2017 (white)

by Patrick Noll
(Jacksonville NC)

Good day, I launched at about 06:00 in the ICW 2 May 2020. About 5 minutes into the trip the engine just abruptly cut off. It was like someone pulled the emergency stop chord at 20 mph. It would not start back up or even turn over. I trolled back to the dock, disconnected the battery, connected it back up, put a jump box on it also. I do not think it is the battery. It seems like there is a loose wire or connection. It started one more time at the dock, than died after 10 seconds. Got it home, hooked the hose up to it. It started again for about 10 seconds then shut off. I just replaced the main negative and positive battery cables from the battery all the way to the engine. ( there was some corrosion on the negative terminal) still no change. It seems like it is a neutral safety problem or a kill switch issue. Please, any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Also the tilt and trim works intermittently.....Boat is a 2017 21ft Coastal Skiff. Thanks Pat GySgt USMC retired

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