Starting my 3.0 Merc. Alpha Drive I/O Engine after 4 Years !!

by Frank Lombardo
(Benicia, California)

2003 SEA RAY Bowrider

2003 SEA RAY Bowrider

2003 SEA RAY Bowrider
2003 SEA RAY Bowrider

I've had my 2003 SEA RAY 176 Bowrider since 8/14/03 and have taken it out on only 6-7 ocassions .. NOW, that I am retired, I want to take it out more often !! I live just up the hill from my waterfront community, sooooo it's just a five minute drive down to the boat ramp !! .. .. ( I know, I should start it more often )

What I'm WORRIED about is, that I have NOT fired up the engine in nearly FOUR years !! .. .. The boat IS in my garage, and out of the elements, and has less than 30 hr's on the engine .. Before using it last time, I did flush the engine of any foul water, and put an entire can of "Fuel Stabilizer" in the 1/2 full gas tank, and did a Oil & filter chage too !!

I was told that the impeler on my 2003 Mercury I/O is good for SEVEN years, which is coming up this year !! ..

The battery has been kept up with a charge (slow charge), soooooo, there's no problem there !! .. ..

My question to you is : HOW TO START UP THE ENGINE IN THE WATER after such a long time not running .. And not ruining the engine, or damaging it !! .. I have a Mercury Alpha Drive 3.0 I-4 Carb. I/O Engine, that looks BRAND NEW !! .. HELP ME !!

Regards, Frank Lombardo
Benicia, California
Cellphone: 707 816-1701

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