Starter Problems HELP

by Cyndee

I have a 1996 Chris Craft Concept 17. It has a Volvo Penta 3.0 I/O. I am about to put my fourth starter on the boat. The first 3 would run for a while and if you stopped. It would not start again. The first two times my husband and I had our two children(ages 2 & 4) with us. Not fun being stuck on the lake with these two at this age. We are afraid that if we put another starter on it the same thing will happen again. Have you ever heard of this problem. We are using marine starters. Help if you can. Thank you for your time.

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Jul 11, 2010
same problem?
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem, went through 2 starters in 2 weeks, the starter would turn over but it sounded like the teeth were gone, made a sound like when you try to start ur car with the engine already running, even with the new starter it sounds "tinny" when turning over, turns out the flywheel was bad, i'm not sure if this is the problem you have, mine is also the volvo 3.0 I/O

Jul 04, 2010
Starter problems
by: jerry

I am on my 5th. starter and no one can give me a answer.It's on my boat that leaves us high and dry all the time. It will start fine when we leave the dock,but if we stop someplace and try to start it to go home the starter is dead. It's on a volvo penta motor. Someone must no the answer. Please help.Thanks.

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