Starter issue 1993 Evinrude intruder with OIS (optical ignition system) 150.

by Ken
(Washington PA)

I bought this hydrasport 27 fishing boat recently and it has been sitting for quit awhile. The boat is a 1990 and the motor is a 1993 The previous owner appears to have been quite meticulous in preserving the boat and turned the engine over every year. The batteries are charged. When I turn the key I get nothing more than a hum. I am assuming that is the solenoid trying power the starter. I am assuming at this point the starter may just be frozen in the bendix. I have another boat with an outboard motor but am clueless with inboards. Also there is a power switch that lights when flipped but is not needed to start the boat. It hums when the key is turned whether the switch is on or off. What does it do? Thanks for your help. My email is

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