Small Seventies GRP River/Estuary Boat

by Dave Marshall
(Staffordshire Midlands)

I have a 90 per cent restored River Boat for sale. It has a sturdy GRP hull. 6 feet wide and 24 feet long. There is no blistering or osmosis on the hull but you're welcome to have a survey. It has fairly new rubbing strakes in oak (fitted 3 years ago). Cruiser stern timber work has received attention. Part of the bulkhead has been replaced as the vessel originally had some wood-rot (it's an old boat). The stern had some major work carried out to remove a clapped out Enfield Drive and also the original V.W. diesel (which had seized and worn piston rings). In place was fitted a simple 2 stroke Mariner 9.9 outboard but the steering wheel is not yet fitted and coupled. The engine now simply clamps on. The boat has shoreline A.C. with genuine marine-grade cable used and a brand new C.U. RCD box. Ideal for plugging in power tools if you wish to do some fitting out. There is no D.C. yet. No fitted shower or cooker. I also advise testing the rubbing strakes before putting the vessel into the water. The bolts were through-hull bolted with Sikaflex marine sealant and penny washers on the inside. However, I also made all of these totally open to access so no need to bulldoze cabinets and fittings to examine. This boat was cruised by myself before being put onto dry-dock for work to be carried out. It still floated fine but had not been maintained by former owners. I own 2 boats but am perhaps reluctantly forced to sell one of them. The boat on offer would really suit someone with basic DIY skills as it needs some more fitting out inside. It would be ideal as a small weekend holiday boat or even to do a little fishing. The price isn't high £2000 sterling as it is, after all, an oldish boat. It would be nice to see the project finished and the boat being used again. Mobile 07531214839

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