resetting the 50 amp fuse on my 454 boat engine.

by Jerry

while driving my twin 454 crusader inboards at a

speed of 18 knots, I felt the speed drop down,
I noticed the starboard tach at 0. Tried to start the left engine, no power
on that entire side of the boat. My friend and I brought it back to the dock and we noticed the 50amp circuit
breaker on the starboard side had popped. reset it and took
boat at higher speeds of 23-25kts fot a ride for 45-50
minutes without any problem.
What cause this 50 amp power surge on the starboard side of my boat?After this 50 amp reset buttom was pushed, boat ran great.
What caused this power surge to the straboard side of my 31 ft tiara.

Not a power surge, would be either a short circuit somewhere or simply the latching mechanism let go for some reason and there were no electrical issues

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