Refrigeration and plastic

by Mike

I totally rebuilt the refrigerator in my sailboat. I re insulated the inside and relined the insulation with a thermoplastic vapor barrier and then fiber glassed it all in using a glass mat and polyester boaters resin with a tiny bit of white dye to make it look nice. It turned out great. Looks nice and keeps everything cold, but i have one disconcerting problem. It's about a year later and there is still a plastic smell in the fridge and I can taste plastic in my food too. It's horrible. What should i do? It shouldn't be out gassing for this long. Do i need to coat the inside with some kind of sealing paint or what? I am at a loss for what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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May 25, 2019

by: John

I have done same type of job, and usually you need to coat with a gelcoat type finish to seal the glass resin, its like a paint, a dye in resin isn't enough.

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