Question on a 1975 Clinton (Distributed by montgomery ward) 7.5 hp motor

by Kevin
(NW ohio)

Ive recently purchased a 12 ft Aluminum sears fishin' boat. it was such a good deal with the trailer i couldnt NOT buy it. In preety good shape too.

Well i was looking for a motor and a friend of mine said he had an old 7.5 hp motor in his back barn and if it ran i could have it for 50$. started up second pull with a new plug

Anyhow, I put the motor on my boat, adjusted the tilt and all, and from what i understand, that motor should push that boat preety good. Well i think i do a good 5 mph at full throttle... I feel i should be able to get that boat on plane with that motor...Im thinking either A: somthing mechanical i dont have set up right. Or B: the motor is just wore out

Ive been lookin all over the internet for any information on that kind of motor but i really cant find anything relevent, If anybody has any advice, information, or tips about what i may be doing wrong or didnt do at all, it would GREATLY be appreciated. Ive already started lookin at bigger used motors but i thought maybe i should stop and ask the experts first!!


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