PUDGY Yacht Tender / Dinghy


Brand new Pudgy Sailing dinghy/ tender. Extremely stable. Originally designed and built for the serious blue water sailor as a self rescue life boat. Sail, row, or motor. Tracks very well behind your Yacht because of the built in keel that runs the length of the boat. The boat is just shy of 8 feet long. Made of Polyeth and has a double hull with foam inserts which make the PUDGY unsinkable. It takes over 1800 lbs just to submerge her. CC rated for 4 persons or 557 lbs gross weight. The Pudgy has 5 water tight hatches to stow gear. Built to save lives in the open ocean, but it is a blast to sail and ideal for children. The PUDGY is not another low quality "me too" Tender, but very high quality through out. People who own a PUDGY love them. You won't be dissapointed. Boat comes with the sail package including the sail, oars, built in compass, and the price includes shipping to the lower 48. Choose your color. $3895.00

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