Problem with one of Your Company trucks Cutting Us Off!!!!

by Tina Zeigler
(York,PA US)

Sat. Aug. 12, 2017 around 12:46 pm

We were traveling west on 116 coming up to the light at the gas station by Kenny's Market right outside Spring Grove when your truck # F-67 pulled right out in front of us on our motorcycle. He is very lucky that my old man is an experienced rider and knows what to do. Had it been a inexperienced driver they could have been hurt really bad or even killed. Because your drive pulled out when we were right up on him. We did not appreciate it!!!! We have children and grandchildren that we love to go home to!!! So Please tell your driver of F-67 to Watch Out when he is driving!!! Because we still have not decided if we are reporting this to the police or not..

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