Popping Blower Fuses

by Ductape
(Willsboro NY)

I've got a 1996 2050 Bayliner Capri, Mercrusier V8 I/O. The blower stopped working so I checked the 5Amp fuse and sure enough it was blown. So I put another in, turned the blower on, it worked for about 1 second and popped the fuse again.

I left it as-is while en route to the dock. On the way home the depth finder stopped working (directly wired to batter)...the positive connection ripped from the battery terminal (it was rather wavy :) I tell you this just as a matter of fact/coincidence even though I don't think it plays a role. I fixed the connection and the depth finder works great (although wires need to be replaced as copper is corroding).

I replaced the blower's 5Amp fuse with a 10Amp fuse just to see if it would work, it did, but sounded like a cat was stuck in it. I flicked it on/off a number of times over the next couple days with the same cat-like sound. While removing the blower hoses I found a Rice Crispy Treats wrapper stuck in the fan blades. Took that out, turned it on and it ran perfect. When I clicked it off however, the 10Amp fuse blew. Tossed another 5Amp in for sake of argument, and it blew as soon as I turned the blower on.

Everything else on the panel is working fine (Navigation lights, horn, bilge, accessory) except the stern light. I don't believe the stern light is a panel/fuse issue, the stern receptacle has never seated properly.

Any ideas on what I should/could be looking at for the blower fuse?
Thanks and have a great day.

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