Overheat alarm?

by JRG

Hello folks, I need some advice.I have a 2000 200 hp Vmax,I have never had any issue with it until now(bought new) Today after a run down the lake, I slowed and was graphing an area at idle and the overheat alam went off,(This have never happened before.) I shut the engine down and let it sit for a while and turned the key again and the alarm still went off,this happened a few times the it quit. I then noticed that the beep sound when I turned the key to start the engine was not working anymore and the overheat light that always came on with the low oil light was also not working. The engine was putting out a good stream of water and the water pressure gauge was between 15 and 20 psi.Engine runs fine . Any ideas as to what happened and what I can check/do to fix the Problem? Thanks

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