No juce to the egnition switch or gages.on a 1990 seaswril sable

by tom
(Point Robets wa,)

Commerical fished for more than 20 years. I was running a loneliner fishing for swordfish out of Oahu. We were about 1200 miles out and my crew told me they had seen the green flash just when the sun droped into the sea. So for the next couple of days I tryed to check it out. No green flash. So the third day I threw the boat in neutral and paid closer attention becouse my crew would never lile to their old skipper would they. Anyway there it was just like they said, right when the last bit of the sun droped over the horizon bang the green flash. Bright Neon Green Flash. It does exist.An atmospheric anomaly thats amazing to whitness.

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