Needed hydraulic hose length for installing a Sea Star outboard front mount hydraulic steering into a 2007 Blue Wave with a Suzuki 115 4 stroke?

by Mark
(Baton Rouge, LA.)

I have decided to bite the bullet and install a Sea Star Solutions Front Mount Hydraulic steering, into my 2007 Blue Wave 180 V-Bay CC bay boat (18'). The center console has the gas tank mounted beneath it, but there is room for the helm control. What I am at a loss for is the needed Hydraulic Hose Length to perform this task. I'd like to have the proper length and attach the hoses to the existing cable steering, so that when I pull the cable thru to the helm, it can pull the hydraulic hoses with it, and make a simple and easy connection/routing. I have calls out all over, yet no one (even Blue Wave boat dealers) seem to have a clue as to what length Sea Star Hydraulic hoses to order. I would appreciate anyone who has done this to reply. I know they no longer make the 18 foot bay boat, but Blue Wave does make a 19 foot. Any advice or info on either install would help in my decision as to which length hoses to order. Thank You.

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