need specs on old boat

by Sue

I have a 1991 starcraft 14 foot sf14 alumin fishing boat and I need to know whieght and person capasity and the max motor size I can put in it legally. The boat was my fathers and once when it was loaded on top of the pickup we were putting it into the water ane my dad let go of the boat which proceded to knock me into the water and half loopy. while I was trying to get my head together the boat was floating off into the lake. I yelled for dad to catch it . I was not swimming for it and he don't swim well.After an afternoon of drying out we had a great weekend fishing. Always said the boat was out to get me. And after buying it from him it is still trying to get me.I have a bad leg and walk with a cane and when I was getting into the boat last week my fishing partner let go of the boat and as I started to step in it went out ad I landed head first in the bottom of the bow. All I could do was laugh. After that we named her "THE BOUNCING BETTY" because she is always trying to bounce me out.

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