Musky Run

by Gary Stevens
(Detroit, MI)

47 inch musky

47 inch musky

I was a cool fall day back in 2005 and me an my boating partner headed out for what we hoped would be a productive day of fishing. On Lake St. Clair musky's a pretty prevalent but still not easy to catch. For those of you who do not know where Lake St. Clair is I will tell you. Lake St. Clair is what we affectionately call the heart of the Great Lakes. Although it is not officially a great lake, it's heart shape and shallow water make it some of the fiercest fishing grounds for musky anywhere in the United States. Just north of Detroit Michigan over 100,000 boaters share this water.

Well back to my story. The weather was cool and the water had loads of weeds since many weekend boaters had stirred up the shallows with their props. We put out the lines typically running two outrods, two on planner boards and two in the prop wash right behind the boat.

Several minutes went by and all of a sudden we heard that beautiful sound we really love. The outrod began to grind as line went out so fast that I was afraid to grab the rod. I yelled to my shipmate to get the other reels in while keeping the boat on course and oh be sure to get the net at the front of the boat. A lot to handle while I tightened the drag enough to get some headway on the giant of the deep. All of a sudden like a dolphin jumping my wake the musky took of out of the water with a giant splash. I missed most of the sight so I was unsure of its size. The line had very little pull so I thought I may have gotten off. Once it got up to the boat, I saw it there as giant as ever. I yelled to my friend to grab the net and make sure he doesn't miss the fish. With these giant musky's you better get the head in first or you will see the fish literally jump out of the net and off it goes for good.

Well with fear in his eyes, knowing he wouldn't live if he missed this one, he made the most valiant effort to get it right the first time. We cheered for what seemed like and hour, took a photo and quickly released the monster to live another day.

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Gary Stevens

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