motor wont rev out when in the water.

by trevor
(port augusta Sth Aust)

i have a 70 Hp yamaha. have had full service on it nine months ago but not had it in the water until 3 days ago. it starts ok revs ok via hand throttle, in the water it did not want to reach any speed adn the motor sounded like it was 'bogging down' or lacking in power. the fuel is 3 weeks old but i am not sure if the fuel lines and carby were cleared when last run. is there any sensors that may have given up while not being used. i did run motor at home after, with muffs on motor and put in gear - it rev-ed up to 4500rpm and would have still kept going so i am not sure if it may have cleared itself but reluctant to put back into water if problem still there.

any suggestions be great thanks...


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