Motor shuts off

by Brian
(Marietta, Ga USA)

Hey I have a 1994 Johnson GT 150 I just bought it from a guy and got home took it on a test run it cranked up and we took off and went maybe half a mile when it plained out few seconds later it shut off and smoke was coming from engine cap took it off and it was really hot and smoking, let it sit for few mins and would not start up killed the battery in the process! So we took it out of water after being towed back to ramp. We went to part store and got new plugs and wires and we jumped it off with jumper cables then fired up. I also figured it was over heating so I replaced the water pump now back to lake with new battery. We got to boat ramp and tried to crank it few mins later it started so I let it idle for little bit then gave it some gas and ran for few seconds then shut off.... Few tries later got it started again with trim up and then sat motor in water then we ran it for few seconds and it started slowly dying... Few cranks later got it started again then it ran and then slowly died... I'm thinking it's bad fuel or messed up carb. If anyone can give me some options on what to do or fix I would really like the help please!!!! I don't want to have to tale it to Marina everyone know how much they charge there... Can someone give me some tips or pointers thanks. E mail is


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