Motor has no power.

by Justin Pettyjohn

My boat has ran fine until the other day I installed a new battery. Today I went to take it out and everything works except the motor. And I mean everything bildge, livewell, lights, radio, interior lighting, etc. However nothing to do with the motor bow trim, trim at the driver seat, trim on the motor, and it wont start. Its like no battery at all is hooked up to the motor. The only thing I can think of is when I was installing the battery I was talkin to my neighbor and accidentally crossed the positive and negative... meaning put the positive on the negative terminal and negative on the positive terminal. When I looked down and seen what I did i imediately switched it back. I didn't try to start it or anything so figured it didn't do any harm. I have a 98 mercury 115 on a Ranger Bass boat.

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