Motor dies after idleing perfect for ten minutes

by Andy
(Rockford, IL ,USA)

My boat has a 2000 50 hp mercury it went out last weekend and ran perfect. I didnt change a thing, and this weekend it will fire right up, run fine for ten minutes at trolling speed, (i put the throttle where it first goes into gear and leave it there) then It just starts spitting and sputtiring and then just dies. Sometimes if i hear it dieing i can give it more throttle and it will stay running. But below 1500 rpm it will strat acting up after a while and die. The motor starts back up after ten to fifteen seconds of cranking. The motor will run perfect at full speed. Talked to a boat marine and he said it was my idol jets. And run this twenty dollar treatment through the gas and carbs to clean it and it will be fine. So i did and it still does it after twenty minutes of WOT. Need help i cant take it to a marine because we are going on a trip next weekend, and i dont have the time or money.

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