minnkota powerdrive wont turn left

by brett irwin
(glouster ohio)

i have a new powerdrive 55(12volt) with us2 and 54 inch shaft it is a new motor on a new pre-wired lund boat and new marine car quest battery,, IT HAS BEEN THE SAME PROBLEM you are on the water doing your thing and it stops turning left,you can try it and it may work and than it may not work for a hour and than it will work ,when it quits you can try and try anything to try to get it to go and nothing works ...when it will start,, when it stops turning left every function works but the turning left,,, i take it off and take it to the closest repair shop that is 85 miles from my house and we cant seem to duplicate the problem,,one shop on a out of town trip SOLD me a new foot pedal aasy. because he thought it was the problem he had the whole boat and could not make it fail,, i bought the pedal to try to salvage my vacation,, this was the second vacation that it ruined .. i take great care of my stuff it sits in a heated garage ,, the repair shop has put a new main board, new connecters at the main power to the main board,, its always the same it wont turn left and we cant make it fail on the bench or on the boat either.. i tryed to get minnkota to give me a complete new motor but they havent yet ,the repair shops have been nice enough but that still dosent get my motor fixed ,, ie-mailed minnkota and told them i would even pay a couple hundred more to up grade to a terrova,, with no responce....and i sent them a bill for three vacations screwed up and gas money ,cabin rentals no responce is a lawer next ,,this has all happened from purchase date of 2\27\11 to 10\15\11 and contuned with another vacation day screwed up today3\16\12.... ps they have a 2 year warranty???????

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