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Jimmy Cornell, accomplished sailor, author of World Cruising Routes, World Cruising Destinations, World Voyage Planner and Cornell’s Ocean Atlas, founder of the ARC and will return to the USA/Strictly Sail Chicago & Miami shows to present his popular one day seminar on long distance and offshore cruising. In the last four decades Jimmy has sailed 200,000 miles in all oceans of the world, including three circumnavigations and voyages to the Arctic and Antarctic. He has a wealth of practical advice to offer anyone planning a voyage, his font of knowledge being based not only on his personal sailing experience but also as the organizer of 24 transatlantic and five round the world rallies attended by some 12,000 sailors and 3,000 boats. Jimmy’s excellent photographs of many of the world’s most beautiful cruising areas will be used to illustrate his seminar. Miami-International-boat-show

Miami-International-boat-show Highlights

Discover Boating Puts You at the Helm

Nothing beats hands on experience when it comes to improving your boating skills and learning new ones. This year’s show features a selection of on water learning events designed to add more fun and excitement to your boat show experience…and take your boating skills up a notch. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced sailor, there’s something for everyone—from absolute beginners to seasoned skippers!

Choose Your Event

There are several hands-on, skills-building CLINICS that provide instruction on specific sailing skills. You may choose from “Introduction to Sailing”, “Coastal Cruising” and “Docking Under Power”. Take one… or all three… you’ll learn skills that will last a lifetime. To get more details about these 2-hour, on-water sailing CLINICS,

For a more in depth experience and more practice time, there are several 3½ -hour, underway SEMINARS available. Sailors can choose from “Introduction to Sailing, Advanced Sailing Skills and Introduction to Cruising Catamarans. To learn more about these on-water events,

Space in these popular events is very limited and advance registration is highly recommended. There is a registration fee for each event and participants who register in advance will receive FREE boat show admission for the day. Participants must be a least 18 years of age and able to participate as an active crew member while underway.

Learn from the Experts

These hands on, underway events are taught by USCG licensed captains who are professional, certified instructors from the American Sailing Association (ASA). Miami-International-boat-show

Hands on Sailing Clinics

Learn basic and intermediate skills through hands-on, underway exercises taught by ASA Certified Instructors aboard 30’ to 40’cruising sailboats. The registration fee for each session is $45. All participants who register in advance will receive FREE admission to the entire boat show for the day.

Introduction to Sailing

Are you new to Sailing (or just a little rusty)? Learn how easy and fun sailing is by participating in one of ASA’s fundamental skills clinics. All learning elements are based on ASA’s proven sail training curriculum and are taught aboard 30’ to 40’ sailing vessels. During these 2 hour sessions you’ll learn how to raise, lower and trim the sails, tack and jibe, steer a compass course, and more at the Miami-International-boat-show

Coastal Cruising

For more experienced sailors, there will be intermediate skills building opportunities in these clinics based on ASA curriculum for Coastal Cruising (ASA 103) and Bareboat Charter (ASA 104). During these 2 hour sessions participants will learn several essential skills including how to heave to, reef the sails, steer with the sails, advanced sail trim and crew overboard recovery methods.

Docking Under Power & Close Quarters Boat Control

This is an important skill although one that is not often practiced except when departing and returning to the slip. Participants will learn close quarters maneuvering skills taught as part of the ASA Docking “Endorsement”. These are 2 hour sessions that include the following: 360 degree turns in tight spaces (back and fill), backing down a narrow channel in a straight line, how to handle propwalk, how to manage the boat confidently in windy conditions, coming alongside a pier (fuel dock) and more.

Space is very limited for these events so advance registration is highly recommended. Miami-International-boat-show

Sailing Made Easy

If you’ve ever dreamed of sailing off into the sunset, this 3½ -hour seminar is the perfect way to get started… and learn essential skills that will last a lifetime. This introductory program is ideal for new sailors as well as those who are simply looking for a refresher. Participants will learn the following skills:

  • Proper methods for raising and or unfurling sails including mainsail and jib
  • Line handling safety including halyards and sheets
  • Correct use of winches and winch safety
  • Helmsmanship and steering a compass course under sail
  • How to recognize correct sail shape and
  • Using telltales to trim sails efficiently
  • Steering on different points of sail
  • Proper communication and teamwork for tacking maneuvers
  • How to jibe and proper boom control
  • Techniques for slowing and stopping the boat
  • How to execute a crew overboard recovery maneuver
  • Lowering/furling sails

All components of these 3½-hour sessions are taken directly from ASA’s Sailing Made Easy program. Miami-International-boat-show

Advanced Sailing Skills – Including Heavy Weather Tactics

The American Sailing Association has gathered some of their most experienced blue water instructors to conduct hands on seminars geared toward the offshore environment. These intensive 3½-hour sessions cover blue water skills and heavy weather techniques that are elements of ASA’s Advanced Coastal Cruising (ASA 106) and Offshore Passage (108) programs. All underway elements are taught aboard 30' to 40' cruising sailboats through hands on exercises designed to increase both knowledge and confidence. This program is geared toward experienced sailors who want to improve their skills and confidence in a blue water environment. Participants in this advanced event will learn:

  • Advanced Sail Management – keeping the boat under control and in balance in changing wind/sea conditions including powering/de-powering in fresh and strong winds, steering strategies in big seas, sail plan management and proper sail selection, advanced sail trim/shaping, controlling draft, Center of Effort (CE) and Center of Lateral Resistance (CLR) and steering with sails, balancing weather helm, proper use of sail controls including outhaul, boom vang, jib fairlead position and placement (inner vs. outer), and more at the Miami-International-boat-show .
  • Downwind Sailing – Managing vessel speed and safety in following seas using warps and drogues, when and how to properly rig and use a preventer, steering strategies, and more
  • Advanced Docking Under Power – this section includes advanced level docking and precision boat control techniques in tight spaces including: station keeping in wind and current, weather vane turns, using spring lines to dock and depart.

Introduction to Cruising Catamarans – A Strictly Sail Exclusive!

Participants in this 3½-hour under way seminar will experience firsthand the expansive comfort, impressive speed and precise maneuverability of the modern cruising catamaran along with the unique sailing and handling needs of larger “Cats”. This exclusive, hands on learning program is ideal for newcomers and monohull sailors with little to no experience on multihulls…… and it’s also a great “charter starter”. Miami-International-boat-show

ASA instructors will cover Cruising Catamaran fundamentals including techniques for tacking and jibing in light air, correct sail trim, steering a compass course, line handling and winch safety, crew overboard recovery, maneuvering in tight spaces under power and much more. All learning elements are taken directly from the ASA Cruising Catamaran certification course (ASA 114). Miami-International-boat-show

Fred's Shed Interactive Learning Center

DIY seminars and workshops covering boat and motor maintenance, repair and upgrades. Miami-International-boat-show

Located in Space # C 87 (Main Floor — Miami Beach Convention Center)

Watch, learn and do! If you’re a do-it-yourselfer or boat owner interested in learning new techniques for taking care of your boat or motor, head to Fred’s Shed for practical, professional advice. Free daily sessions cover a variety of topics:

  • Watch certified marine technician and expert wrench slinger “Fred” demo tools and techniques on actual boat and motor cutaways.
  • Learn how to maintain, repair or upgrade your boat or motor.
  • Take part in discussions, ask questions and participate in hands-on-clinics.

Together, “The Boating Guy” and certified marine service technician “Fred, The Outboard Doctor,” bring more than 50 years of boating and wrench-slinging experience to the Shed. Miami-International-boat-show