Mercury F30ELPT 2009

by George Bryant
(Tatum Texas)

I only get about half power out of my motor. Lost top in power. I checked the high pressure pump on a battery and it is turning, I also checked each injector and they are clicking when hooked to a battery, cleaned out my VST tank and high pressure filter , checked the main filter it was clean, installed new plugs and checked the spark against a bolt head and each plug is firing. Drained and replaced fuel in gas tank, ran the boat on new fuel and still has no upper in performance. I do not have a pressure gauge to check the pressure on the high pressure fuel pump and have not pulled the low pressure fuel pump I can only see two bolts but the calan is to close to see if there maybe a bottom bolt I can see two bolts but hate to take them two lose if there is a third bolt under it because I can not reach under the low pressure pump. Can anyone help me with what can cause this problem on lose of performance on high speed . Ideals good starts every time. Very few hours on this motor. Thanks for any help e mail drillerscr@aol. com

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