Mercury F25ELPT 2007 serial# 0R181035

by Alex Garabedian
(Maynard MA 01754 USA)

When I am just reving the engine with just throttle (button pushed not in gear) it revs up nice and high and wants to scream at WOT (basically runs great) when I put it in gear and try to WOT it, the motor barely does about a quarter of what it does when it is not in gear at WOT.

Does anyone have any idea why this would happen? Is there something electrical when in gear like a Limp mode? Is it the load from the lower end unit? Also I had to have the lower unit rebuilt, would this have anything to do with it? gear ratio or anything under load? Is there more than one option for gear ratios in this lower end?

I am running stainless 10 inch diameter with a 11 pitch on it, I know the prop changes performance. The engine is guesstimating to not even get up to 1500rpms when in Gear with WOT and it is not bogging down or anything. it won't let itself go past that rpms

I have had the throttle linkage adjusted and checked and in gear and while just throttle, the throttle linkage moves to the same exact spot so it is not losing travel distance when in gear
Thank you in advance

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