mercury, F225 EFI4-Strke, 2004

by Steve
(Houma, La USA)

Drained 5 year old gas from boat, replaced with 10 gallons non-ethanol gasoline and 1.5 cans of Seafoam motor treatment. Started engine at home ran rough at idle then died, tilted and secured engine in 100% up position and traveled 7 - 8 miles to boat launch. Backed down launch until water pickup was submerged, engine would not start. Came home tilted engine down primed water separator and drained 3 gallons gasoline into fuel can, connected hoses primed in-line filter on engine until bulb was hard, engine still not starting. Sprayed small amount of starting fluid in each air in-take engine would start but only run on starting fluid then die. Does not even pop when cranking, now. The fuel pump does click for about 2-3 seconds when the key is switched to off after attempting to crank.

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