Mercury 9.9 1995 2 stroke

by Richard
(Hawesville Ky UISA)

This 9.9 has very few hours, and hasn't been used for awhile before I bought it. I installed a new water pump as a precaution. I took it out and it started first pull. As I put it in gear and start moving I am getting what I will call a hard "bug jump" or jerk which happens abruptly, it at times lined out and ran ok. It seems to be worse at mid throttle. It feels mechanical, like it is jump in and out of gear. I don't think it is on the fuel side, it starts and runs too well otherwise. I thought maybe it might be ignition system cutting out but it jerks so hard I don't think that is it. So I am back to something I might have done wrong during the water pump change. Any ideas what I might look into? thanks, Richard

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