Mercury, 90ELPT 4SC, 2018

by Angela Shore
(High Springs, Florida)

After about 1 hour of riding the engine starts sputtering. The RPMS drop and sometimes increasing the speed helps, and sometimes it causes it to get worse. We have had it in the shop 5 times and been told they have changed the filters, spark plugs, drained the fuel and added Marine Grade, and last year changed out the entire tank. The tank was changed out for a completely different reason but we had hoped it would fix the problem.

Part of the issue is, we are told they never can replicate the issue so it's hard to diagnose. We paid $300.00 last time to have them take it out and test it under load and they found nothing.

I'm pretty tired of wasting time and money and still, nothing has changed. We can't even enjoy the boat or take people out for fear will be stranded (knock on wood so far that has not happened).

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