Mercury 60hp motor trouble

by Shane

I have a 2013 bass tracker Mercury 4 stroke motor only has about 15hrs on it. I dont know the proper maintenance on it so I took it just one time to where I bought the boat in 2014 to have it serviced everything was running great at that time. They charge 100 dollars a hour so my bill was around 400 dollars. Long story short was in a car wreck multiple surgeries just know able to get back on the water. I put non ethanol gas only in it all the wiring looks good on it. I have not changed the oil or spark plugs. But what its doing is it will fire right up spit water out the back normally while in neutral but when I barely give it gas the spitting out the back starts to become more of a mist then starts to have grey smoke come out from where the water spits out and some type of an alarm sound comes from where the gauges are but dont have a temp.gauge but I'm assuming its running hot the motor dies I feel the back of the motor it isnt hot but warm. Wont start again for another ten mins or so. I know I need to change the oil and maybe all the spark plugs but did I mess it up bad or maybe this could be easy fix. Anyone that thinks they might know what's wrong please let me know I wouldnt think the oil and spark plugs would have anything to do with the water that it spits out normally while in neutral then soon as I put it in gear go to a very fine mist but then again I'm not a mechanic. Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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