Mercury 40hp 2 stroke 1980

by Tyler
(North Carolina)

Replaced starter and solenoid last weekend. Boat ran fine then let sit all week due to work took out started up no issues then died and now when trying to start it back up all I hear is the solenoid giving a single click. The battery are fully charged starter and solenoid are good. Has a full tank of fresh fuel new plugs and wires. What could possibly be the issue? New to boating and just trying to get some knowledge on simple boat mechanics.

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Jan 05, 2021
Mercury 40hp 2 stroke 1980
by: SuperD

Well it could be a number of problems from a bad starter that needs to be warrantied to the fuel oil mix. Does the engine turn over by hand? If it has a pull start did you try that? If the engine does NOT turn over by hand I have to ask if you mixed the right oil and amount in the fuel? If it does turn over double check the battery for a full charge. If all you get is a click and the battery is ok and everything ells is ok then recheck the solenoid, wires, and starter. You may just have a bad ground. Best of luck.

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