Mercury 2002 2 stroke 25 hp manual start

by Ron Walker

Motor was running fine. Cranked first time every time. After a couple of days tried to start and no fire at all. Installed 2 new spark plugs, 2 new ignition coils, new power pack and new on/off switch. Still no spark. Also bought a new stop switch which I wired to try but haven’t installed it through the tiller yet. Still no fire. Spark plug wires have continuity. So one question is there is a ground wire on the block near the coils. Does that wire ground to one of the bolts to the coil cover or directly to the coil? There are already multiple grounds on the coil poles?

Thanks if anyone has any suggestions. I am at the end of my limited knowledge on all things electrical. Could it be the trigger or stator? Also can they be tested without having to pull the flywheel?

Ron Walker

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