Mercury 15 hp 4 stroke 2006 - Runs great dies after an hour

by Scott K
(Vancouver Island, BC, Canada)

Hello, Thanks for any help you can offer.

My motor starts in 1 or 2 pulls no problem.
Runs perfect for over an hour at all speeds and rpm.

After an hour or so it starts to intermittently bog, dropping rpm by what seems 50 - 60 % then returns to normal rpm getting worse over the next several minutes.

(I tried opening choke and that seemed to make it stall faster,, I also tried squeezing the primer bulb, but it was already hard so made no difference)

It then eventually bogs and dies completely.

It will restart and run for 5 or 10 minutes then stall.

After a few minutes of that, it will stall and will not restart.

Leave it a few hours and it starts well and runs well.

I would appreciate your expert advice or anything you can suggest to fix or diagnose this.

Thank you

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