mercury 115hp elpto '95-'96? chatters on deceleration/shutdown

by giles
(roanoke, va)

have 115 2-stroke(has 2-4 system)idles on top 2 cylinders/ above 1800rmps runs on 4 cylinders, anyway- when shutting down engine after running fast or hard motor shudders or rattles very audible noise. also get similar nosei when running between 2000-to-3000 rpm range at constant speed. its got this rattling noise-hard to describe exactly. any ideas out there or answers? had motor since new- did have to replace pwrhead when 4 years old(blown #4 cylinder-no compression)since no "major" problems. had this rattle for many years so "if she was gonna blow" because of it, should have been a long time ago. thanks

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