Mercury, 115hp, 2004

by Daniel
(Houston, TX)

I had my family out on the lake a couple of weeks ago in our Triton, 188SF. We had been hanging out on the beach for couple hours and got really hungry, so we decided to head across the lake (usually @15 minute ride) to the marina on the other side of the lake to get a burger. I cranked it right up, eased it out of the no wake zone and then proceeded to get it up on a plane @ 30 miles/hr. Since we were doing so good I decided let's open it up a little bit more and pushed it almost all the way to full speed. After about 10-20 seconds the motor started sputtering, shaking and just running terrible, so i backed off to a stop, thinking if i gave it break for a second and then hit it again, that it would be OK. Nothing doing, from that point until now it starts fine runs fine, start getting up on to a plane and right when the RPM's hit 3000 (@ 8-9 /hr) the motors starts doing what it did that time when I hit it wide-open. I have tried it numerous times and cannot get over 3000 rpm, from goosing it to creeping the speed up. It is ok up to 3000, but if the needle goes a tick or 2 over it starts running bad with No alarms. NOTE: We had the same issue last year, but it was giving an overheat alarm then, took it into the boat shop and they supposedly fixed the problem. The boat is in the shop now, but I am not feeling real confidence in them figuring it out, b/c when they first looked at it they said spark plugs and injector cleaning needed to be done (that was 2 weeks ago). Today when I talked to them today, it was overheating with no alarm and that it was not getting any oil and they would call me in a couple days. Needless to say we never made it over to the other side of the lake for that burger, b/c it would have taken over an hour to get there. Your help would be greatly appreciated!!??

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