mercruiser alpha one

by Sara
(Union MI)

Last week we had to put a new prop on our inboard mercruiser alpha one motor as our prop had spun out. We took it back onto the water and test drove it and it was working fine. Two days later we went to go out onto our boat and when we put it in reverse it didn't seem like reverse wanted to catch. We put the boat back into neutral and then in reverse again and it went fine. We then spent the whole day on the lake with no problems; tubing, wake boarding etc. As we were flying back into shore all of a sudden we lost speed in the middle of the lake yet the engine was still revving. We put it into neutral turned off the engine and tried again. This time when putting the throttle in the forward position it would rev but not move at all. When we tried to put it into reverse the engine stalled out every time. We had to get towed in as we had no forward or reverse. When we got back to shore the new prop was checked and it appeared to be fine. Can someone please help me diagnose the problem? Any help would be appreciated. We truly believe it isn't the hub but another problem.

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