Marine Generator Design Fault

by Rick Cameron

We are a volunteer based non-profit working in Aceh and Nias. We recently purchased a gen-set from a well known Dutch maker for our aid vessel. After repeated failures we have carefully analysed the unit and we have discovered a serious design fault causing cooling air to recycle through the silent housing.

The recycling of hot air is causing very high temperatures in the housing and and we are convinced that this has led to the breakdowns. Without question it is compromising the performance and longevity of the unit.

The company is denying any warranty responsibility and being rude and insulting in response to our requests for resolution.

Which organization can members recommend to assist us in seeking either resolution or failing that, a public airing of this unfortunate situation. We believe that ALL the gen sets made by this manufacturer should be recalled for modification and so we contend that this is a matter of public interest.

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