Loud noises all of a sudden when in neutral only?

by Rob

We just bought a used 2004 Four Winns Horizon 200 with the Volvo Penta engine. I was launching the boat and turned it on, but went into reverse really quickly and the engine died - my first time on the boat and didn't realize how sensitive it was. Boat wouldn't start until another boater climbed on and gave it some gas while trying to start it. Things seemed fine until the next day. We turned it right on, but now it makes a terrible noise only when in neutral? We drove it for a bit, but every time we had to put it in neutral, it makes that terrible loud sound. The stereo also woudn't turn on now, but it worked fine the day before.

We bought it a month ago and had taken it out a few other times with no issues whatsoever. Then we had it detailed last week and the prop replaced. When we got it back, we noticed the power steering no longer works. Not sure what is going on, but we are feeling kind of sick after shelling out a ton of money on a boat, dock and lift and now have all these issues all at once...


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