Live well Problem

by philip
(san marcos texas)

I recently had a live well pump replaced on my bluewave. The PROBLEM is, I have to run the bilge pump and the live wells at the same time because the boat fills up with water if i don't. What should i look for? A crack somewhere? Thanks in advance

Yes as it sounds like a leak to the bilge from either well or a pipe or hose connection

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Sep 20, 2012
Finding a leak

If posable take a video (light on ) and hold it in the bilge access and shoot a video of it on. Have someone turn it on and SLOOWWLEY move it around . do it 3 or so times trying to take slightly different angles . Hook it up to the TV and sit back and watch (on slow motion) you should be able to see any problems.I tell members of my website this all the time with great results. You can also add food coloring to a full livewell (with nothing on) and see if it leaks into bilge. if so it is a leak after water coming in.

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