Is my Boat motor locked up or what should I do?

by Michael

I had my gears replaced about two month ago because it would not go into reverse. I had it done by a friend who use to work at a boat shop. I took it out about 4 times after he replaced them and it worked like a charm. On my 5th time out, I was riding about 15 mins and I heard a loud noise (I swear that noise was from the lower part of the motor, like the gears came apart). The motor did not turn off so I slowed it down and was confused for a minute. It then went off. I tried to restart it but had no luck. I kept trying and got the starter stuck. After the starter got stuck, I had my father turn the key and I pulled the rope, it fired and I later started it back up after doing that about 5 times. It ran 15 seconds with the same noise and shut down for good. After the final shutdown, I pulled it about two more times and then it would no longer allow me to pull it because the starter was stuck again and that wheel was not turning anymore.

I get towed in and take it back to my backyard mechanic to look at. He calls me later in the week and said he looked at everything including the gears but my only issue is my motor is locked up.

I do not know much when it comes to boat mechanics, so I will pay for the work to be done. I just want to be sure before I listen to him.

Any help???????

115hp Mercury

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