Inboard on houseboat has full throttle in neutral & reverse, only half throttle in forward

by Dorothy
(Eastern Shore of Virginia USA)

I have an old 1968 houseboat. Engine is reman GM 250/165hp. Mercruiser outdrive. Always ran about 22-2500 RPM's. Prop is clean of barnacles and spinning, etc. Had boat worked on for fuel issue recently. That turned out great. No more starting issues. However now I can get full throttle/RPM's in neutral and got up to 2200 in reverse this evening when on the water. But forward tops out at 1600 when throttle is only half way forward - does nothing after that. Engine still runs great, just won't throttle as did. Has stumped the guys who help me out (I'm not mechanically inclined.) Carb recently rebuilt.

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