Inboard boat motor stalled while running; now locked up

by Worried

We have a 20' ski boat with a Mercuiser V-8 inboard motor. We hit some ruff water at a slow speed and water came over the bowl and filled the boat with water. Not quite sinking it completely we headed for the shore at an idle and the engine died. After getting it on a lift and getting all the water out of the inside of the boat, we tried to start the motor and it wouldn't turn over. We towed it back to our dock and checked the oil and could see water. We took the plugs out and tried to start again, no luck. You could here the started click pretty hard, but the motor seamed locked tight. So, we took the belt off and tried to turn the crank bolt manually with a wrench, wouldn't budge. Then we took the pulley off and tried a pry bar, still locked.

Any other suggestions, other than connecting rods, bend valves or a total motor sease? We tried rolling the motor both ways, wouldn't budge.

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