Hull absorbing water ??

by Dave Baumgardner
(Syracuse, N.Y. )

I own a 1993 Sea Ray 250 Express Cruiser with a Merc 3.7 lt motor with 300 hrs on it. About 2 yrs ago I began to experience a loss of power (around 2800 - 3000 rps tops). After several tune ups, engine compression, prop changes I still have the same problem. My boat sits in a fresh water lake in upstate NY. I am told that the engine runs fine. The prop is brand new. When I first put the boat in the water this year I immediately took it out on the lake and I was able to bet the rpms up to 4800 (what Sea Ray says it should do). After sitting a few weeks in the slip I took it out and could not get the rpms over 3500. I believe that this boat has a double hull. It has been suggested that water is seeping though the hull. I am starting to believe this. The boat just crawls through the water. How do I confirm this water intrusion ? If that is actually happening what is my alternative Given the boat's age should I just salvage it, if possible ? Please advise. Thank you

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